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Making your Tools Mobile.

We can solve your business needs.

  • Tired of your wife fussing about your home based business taking over the house?
  • Tired of your husband wanting his garage back from your home based business?
  • Can't afford a traditional brick and mortar for your new business?
  • Does your business need to take product or services directly to your customers?
  • Does your business need a facility for special events (trade shows, festivals, flea markets, or conventions)?
  • Would you rather own 100% of the equity from your facility over paying all that money on endless rent payments?
  • Need a facility that can become a billboard for your business?
  • Own property and a brick and mortar building isn't in the budget?
  • Just a few reasons why going Mobile may be the road for you.

7x18 Ugroom PanoramicPanoramic view of the 7x18 Ugroom interior. 7x18 Ugroom ExteriorExterior view of the 7x18 Ugroom Mobile Salon

With our diverse line of trailers and options, we can meet most all needs. If you can not find what you are looking for, please feel free to reach out to us. With our design team, we can develope a custom trailer to better fit your business.

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