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Financial Options

We do not provide any financing ourselves, but we are always looking to provide you with some great options to help you find credit. According to Entrepreneur Magazine 80% of start ups are funded by the owner with 17% getting some funds from one of the 3F's (family, friends and fools).

small business financing

The Best Lease Available:

Atlas Financing
Trident Leasing Corporation
Advantage Leasing

Credit Unions in your Community:

National Credit Union Association

Personal Loans Available:

Discover Personal Loans
Wells Fargo Personal Loans
TD Bank Personal Loans
Great article on peer to peer lending:
The Ins an Outs of Peer to Peer Lending

Peer to Peer Lending:

3-year unsecured personal loans, fixed rates, up to $25,000, 640 minimum credit score.
Lending Club:
3-years, fixed rate personal loan, up to $25,000, 660 minimum credit score
Funding Circle:
loans up to $500,000
financial for small business
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Financing options