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The Best Grooming Trailers for Start-Ups or Mobile Grooming Veterans

UGroom Trailers provides mobile dog salon shops in Fairview, Texas, and across the country. We have a selection of reasonably priced pet grooming trailers for sale that fit your needs and budget. Compared to fitted vans, trailers are typically a fraction of the cost and since there is no motor attached, your shop will incur minimal maintenance and devaluation.

UGroom Blue Ribbon Premium Salons are available in:

6x12 Dual Axle for only $26,999
7x14 Dual Axle for only $29,999
7x16 Dual Axle for only $31,999
Silver Ugroom 6x12
Deluxe Tub

UGroom Blue Ribbon Grooming Upgrades that Include:

  • Roof Mounted Air Conditioner
  • Electric Trailer Jack
  • Marine Battery and Trickle charger
  • Rotating, Ultra low Z-Lift Electric Table 400 Lb Capacity
  • Additional round LED light over Tub
  • Upgraded Premium 50” SS Tub w/ entry Door
  • Additional 18” aluminum cabinet with SS Counter Top next to tub
  • Altro Transflor Wood Safety Waterproof Flooring (Choice of Colors, additional finishes)


  • 4’ Stainless Steel Pro Deluxe Tub
  • Heavy Duty Hydraulic Grooming Table
  • Variable Speed High Velocity Dryer
  • Super Bright LED Lights
  • Sliding Windows with Screens
  • Camper/RV-Style Screen Door
  • 3,000 Btu Catalytic Space Heater
  • Aluminum Cabinets with latches
  • Stainless Steel Counter Tops
  • No wood or particle board cabinetry
  • 5 Gal Shop-Vac™HangUp
  • Porta Potty
  • Choice of Ceiling Color & Trim
  • Easy to clean grooming area


  • Run by a generator or landline
  • 30 Amp RV Connector
  • 100 Amp Electric Service
  • Amp-Splitting Electrical System with Plugs and Outlets enables a 2nd blow dryer (not included)
  • Pre-Wired Extra Switch and Outlet for Clipper Vac or Recirculating System
  • 8 Outlets in the Groom area
  • 8 Outlets in the Mechanical Room
  • Individual Switches for Mechanical Room Components


  • Exterior Warm Water Bathing System
  • Vertical Freshwater tanks prevents surface tension “sloshing” effect
  • 90 Gal Freshwater System(Enough for 2 Days)
  • 42 Gal Gray Water Tank
  • Flash/On-Demand Electric Hot Water Heater
  • Water Tank Overflow System
  • Fully Drainable Water System
  • 198 GPH Water Pump
  • Insulated Walls and Ceiling
  • Specially designed mechanical room to prevent frozen pipes
  • Dedicated Outlet to run ceramic heater (not incl.) for below freezing temps


  • Roomy 7' Interior Height
  • Tube-Reinforced Trailer Frame
  • 24" Stoneguard™ Front
  • Upgraded Aluminum Wheels
  • Full Size Spare Tire
  • Aluminum Door Hold-Open Latches
  • Retractable Step
  • Tongue-Mounted Generator Box
  • Electric Brakes
  • Camper Door Flush Lock and Deadbolt
  • Bar lock Mechanical Room Doors
  • Locking Generator Box
  • Roof Vent
  • Choice of Exterior Colors

Quality Parts from Top to Bottom

Easy to clean, sanitize and maintain Transit Flooring make it slip resistant, commercial grade and nearly indestructible. Choice of colors available as an upgrade or neutral Gray is the standard included to help hide dirt and "ghost footprints." Waterproof Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic walls are pebble finished to minimize the electrostatic charge created when drying and grooming and therefore are easy to wipe and keep clean from dog hair.

Rustproof Storage

Trailers come with Aluminum cabinets and Stainless Steel counter tops. No wood, particle board or formica that will fall apart in the dampness.30 year warranty from rotting for the sub floor from the trailer manufacturer as well.

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